From Concept to Creation:
The Journey Behind BoltRail

Structural Engineer Invents Better Way to Set Bolts in Concrete

BoltRail: The best way to set anchor bolts in concrete.

safe, fast + precise

Our Team

Arda Ozum, P.Eng

President & Founder
Arda is the President and Founder of BoltRail. Arda oversees the business, including sales, engineering, and product development. Arda is a Professional Engineer and began his career as a Design Engineer with a structural engineering firm. In 2005, he decided to branch out independently and established Acius Engineering. After repeatedly witnessing the result of poorly set anchor bolts in concrete, Arda set out to design a solution. After eight years of design refinements, patent registrations, prototype development, and field trials, Arda launched the BoltRail template system. As BoltRail grew and became established, there also came a need for custom variations of BoltRail, so in 2023, Arda launched BoltRail Custom Shop. Arda is a proud papa to four children and enjoys spending time with his family, and if there is any time left in his schedule, he loves a chance to get behind the lens of his camera.

Kevin Bauckman

Vice President Of Business Development
Kevin Bauckman is our Vice President of Business Development. He is responsible for developing our network of stocking wholesale and retail distributors. He will also oversee adding Canadian and American sales agents to the BoltRail sales team. Kevin brings 36 years of sales, sales management, marketing, operations, and business development experience to BoltRail. As a firm believer in continuous improvement, Kevin completed an Executive MBA in 2020. Kevin is married, has two grown children and is an avid Edmonton Oilers fan.

Mel Jarecki

Sales & Marketing Manager
Mel is the Sales & Marketing Manager. Mel is responsible for sales and business generation, order coordination, marketing management, and assisting with general business operations. Mel has a keen eye for detail and is very organized; with over 20 years in the service industry, she understands the importance of relationships, custom service, and follow-up. With her training as a legal assistant, Mel delivers detailed documentation and instruction. Mel is an amazing mother to her daughter, and she loves to travel, especially to Germany, to see her family.

Glen Sawyer

Manager Of Field Operations
Glen is the Manager of Field Operations. Glen is responsible for assisting BoltRail clients with installation questions, developing best practices, and assisting with product development. Glen is a master builder with over 15 years of experience building and renovating small and large residential properties. As a business owner, he has a keen sense of customer service and understands the need for detailed documentation and instruction. He spent seven years abroad teaching English, gaining him invaluable communication and time management skills. Glen loves spending time with his family, has been known to carve sweet turns on the ski hill, and for bringing out the thunder clubs on the golf course.


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BoltRail is 100% made in North America
Every construction project presents unique challenges that can only be evaluated and addressed by the persons on site. It is the responsibility of the user to correctly place, and adequately fasten/brace BoltRail to the formwork. All risk and liability rests with the user.

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