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Anchor bolts set quickly + accurately
BoltRail is a template system that holds anchor bolts in precise alignment during concrete placement.
Use BoltRail to save time and money. Reduce installation timelines and labour, improve accuracy, and reduce costly re-works associated with traditional site-built methods.
Recent job sites have reported:

BoltRail vs Traditional Site-Built Method

Alignment Accuracy
Schedule Gain
Labour & Materials Savings
Fast | Easy | Site Adjustable in Minutes | Precise | Reusable

BoltRail Benefits


Quick Set-up, Install & Removal


Flexible & Simple to Use


Optimized for Precise Alignment


Saves Labour & Survey Time


Saves Labour Costs & Costly Re-works


Quick & Easy to Site Modify


Quailty Assurance & Quality Control


Reusable & Designed for Multiple Applications


Made in North America from Durable Materials

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BoltRail Features

Get to Know BoltRail

Durable LVL Rail Assembly

BoltRail is made from North American LVL engineered lumber, making it extra durable. Available in 4 Standard Lengths 26", 33", 45" and 55"

Bolt Holders & Sleeves

Each BoltRail comes with two sliding bolt holders. Sleeved bolt holders are easy to remove and/or insert and accommodate  3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" diameter bolts.

Alignment Guides & Surveyor's Sighting Windows

Alignment guides and sighting windows make for easy alignment with formwork and surveyor's marks, allowing precise alignments and accurate QA/QC checks.

Allows for Multiple Bolts Per Rail

Designed to fit multiple bolts per rail and is limited only by the length of the rail. Bolts can be offset from rail to rail to fit complex bolt patterns.

Rotating Supports for Added Flexibility

BoltRail rotating supports mean that regardless of the formwork geometry BoltRail can be installed precisely in the required location.

Adjustable Sliding Support Pier

BoltRail sliding support pier adjusts to the form width as required. Adapting to multiple applications and form widths and configurations.

Bolts Are Set Relative to First

When you set your first BoltRail, additional BoltRails and bolts can be set relative to the first saving installers valuable time. Survey time will be reduced.

Modifiable & adaptable to Suit Job Site

BoltRail can be cut to custom lengths when rails need to be set inside the formwork. BoltRail can be set level even when formwork is uneven.

Adjustable for Multiple Reuse

Unlike regular site-built templates, BoltRail is adjustable. BoltRail can be removed and reused multiple times even when the form work configuration changes.

BoltRail Installations

Form Set Installations

BoltRail can be used for sonotube & wood forms in endless shapes and sizes and the rails are easily adjusted and rest to adapt to site conditions.

Suspended Falsework Installations

BoltRail can be used for monolithic pours, thickened edge slabs and interior slabs and is suitable for a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The rails are easily adjusted and rest to adapt to site conditions.

Inset Installations

BoltRail can be used for inset interior formwork applications, the LVL is easily cut down to length and the end caps re-attached in seconds.

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BoltRail allowed us to save upwards of 100 man hours compared to traditional methods. We were able to cut our procurement and installation costs in half by using BoltRail due to less labour, less layout time, and less rework. We were able to procure our weld plates early in the project with confidence that the bolt setting would match the fabricated plates reducing the need to field measure. We had one worker set 44 anchor bolts in a day, including setting up all the suspended falsework required for our BoltRail installation. We would definitely use this product again and are still able to use our originally purchased BoltRail System to this day.

Todd MacMurchy
PCL Construction

The BoltRail system is a definite game changer for anchor bolt installation. We will be using this product for all future projects.

Karl Holba

BoltRail makes anchor bolt placement simple and easy. We have seen a significant improvement in efficiency and reduced costs with BoltRail.

Lino Rodrigues

It's a no-brainer. BoltRail is flexible and easy to install. BoltRail eliminates the need for plywood, lumber and all the labour associated with building accurate anchor bolt templates. That equates to schedule gain and increased profits, and there is no requirement to bend anchor bolts straight after a pour. BoltRail is a great product.

Jody Holba


The reusable concrete anchor bolt template that saves time and improves productivity is just a click away. Improve construction projects efficiencies now!

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BoltRail is 100% made in North America
Every construction project presents unique challenges that can only be evaluated and addressed by the persons on site. It is the responsibility of the user to correctly place, and adequately fasten/brace BoltRail to the formwork. All risk and liability rests with the user.

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