Construction Life Podcast – BoltRail the Time Saving Product to Perfectly Set Anchor Bolts

From the Construction Life Podcast: Join us as we speak with Arda Ozum and Mel Jarecki from BoltRail about their innovative product that saves time and effort in setting anchor bolts perfectly every time. Arda shares the story behind the idea and how the product works, including the first prototypes ever made.

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    BoltRail Ltd.
    2408 Ellwood Drive SW
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Canada, T6X 0A9
    1-833-622-4466 North America Policies
    U.S. Patent No. 9,404,277
    CA Patent No. 2,872,971

    BoltRail is 100% made in North America
    Every construction project presents unique challenges that can only be evaluated and addressed by the persons on site. It is the responsibility of the user to correctly place, and adequately fasten/brace BoltRail to the formwork. All risk and liability rests with the user.

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