BoltRail Is The Solution For Inaccurate Bolt Alignment In Concrete

Site superintendents, project managers and estimators know the risk is very real when it comes to inaccurate anchor bolt alignment in concrete. When the bolts are out of sync, that creates a whole new set of problems to manage including extra time, increased cost, and added safety issues.

BoltRail is an innovative new way to avoid these unnecessary re-work slowdowns. The patented BoltRail jig system is quickly becoming the new standard for building contractors who want to improve productivity and profitability by consistently achieving accurate anchor bolt alignment in concrete. Don’t keep building templates onsite. Streamline operations the modern way with the patented Bolt Rail jig system for concrete.

BoltRail is a versatile tool for quickly and accurately positioning cast-in anchor bolts over form work, is ideal for use at construction sites and a variety of other scenarios including the setting of light pole bases, guard rail anchors, LRT track anchors and outdoor sign pole bases. When you want to eliminate the need for building anchor bolt templates from scratch, you want Bolt Rail.

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    Every construction project presents unique challenges that can only be evaluated and addressed by the persons on site. It is the responsibility of the user to correctly place, and adequately fasten/brace BoltRail to the formwork. All risk and liability rests with the user.

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